How to use frontity for an already existing wordpress website

Still trying to find a way to use this framework with an already existing wordpress website. I think there should be a video or tutorial for that

Hey @lawaldare thanks a lot for the suggestion.

Can you please describe what steps have you followed, where are you stuck right now, and what exactly do you want to achieve?

So we can have a better sense of how we can help you and other users that are facing the same difficulties.

Thanks a lot in advance!

When I changed the url in the settings, It only shows the blog of the website. I think we need a tutorial that could well explain how to implement this framework. I intend to introduce it at my work but I need to understand how it works first.

Thanks for your feedback @lawaldare, you are right that in this stage it can be a bit difficult to start using Frontity only with the technical documentation. We will dedicate more effort on creating step by step tutorials and guides for different use cases.

Yeah, Thanks for the feedback @Pablo. I got the mail too. Thank you!

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