How to setup DNS names for decoupled mode along with certificates?

Hi I would like to know best practices for setting up DNS names and certificates for decoupled mode for Frontity.
Which records I need to create and how to map with wordpress server and vercel deployment.
What I know I need to create two records - ??? - ???
What I need to enter in the field value
Should I do something also?

DNS is simple, you’ll need an A-record (and AAAA-record for IPv6) for each (sub-)domain.
And you can add CNAME records in case you want extra’s like ‘www’ pointing to your main domain.

SSL records are a bit different, since those need to be added on the server (or this case servers) themselves. Vercel already offers Let’s Encrypt certificates, so that shouldn’t be an issue.
For your WP hosting you’ll need to ask the hosting party, or configure it yourself in case you manage the manage the server.