How to setup a SSL certificate without Cloudflare or Zeit?


I have a WordPress site is installed in VPS and SSL already.
I have Frontity is deployed in another VPS.

Without Cloudflare or Zeit, how can I issue the SSL certificate for the Frontity production site?

I don’t have see any official tutorials of it.

Hey @cuongtalentccc!
Do you have a seperate domain/subdomain setup on the Frontity VPS or is it just a bare IP?

What operating system/server are you running on there (ubuntu/apache)? I’m thinking Let’s Encrypt would be super useful, you can self serve a free cert right on your VPS.

The embedded mode plugin (theme bridge) might be a good option if you don’t already have a domain setup too.

I can give you detailed instructions if you answer the above.

Thanks @403page in advance,

The domain is separate of course.

Wordpress is installed in subdomain like this in VPS with Ubuntu 18.04/Nginx Web Server.

The Frontity is installed in another VPS and I connected it already.

But no SSL the site cannot live.


Awesome. Is the VPS with frontity Ubuntu aswell? And do you have a server like Apache or nginx on there?

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Frontity is in VPS use Ubuntu as well. No Nginx web server because of Frontity does not require Nginx.

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Spot on. Ok cool. Its generally a little more straight-forward to install lets encrypt on apache/nginx which is why I asked but no worries. This guide here will have you setup in 10 minutes

(update here if you run into problems)