How to set up Algolia with WordPress and Frontity?

Is there any other tread explaining how to set up Algolia with WordPress and Frontity?

Hi @Kent,

The twenty-twenty theme implements the search feature based on WordPress engine

Here you have the main components used to implement this search

Regarding implementing Algolia with WordPress, I haven’t tried this yet but there’s this plugin

that seems to make the search results available from the REST API

In terms of Frontity, as long as the information is available in the REST API it can be used in a Frontity project

@mmczaplinski is there any reference you know for implementing Algolia with WordPress and Frontity? Any thoughts on this?

Thanks @juanma :smiley:

I’m not aware of an Frontity example with Algolia at the moment, I’m afraid.

However, if using ElasticSearch is an option for you, you could try the frontity-elasticpress package

@nicholasio.oliveira from 10up has created has created it and it works together with the ElasticPress plugin.


Nice thanks :smiley: :+1: