How to proxy page(s) still rendered by wordpress

Hello everyone!

We considering migration of company’s website from wordpress to frontity+wordpress. However we for sure will going (if so) step by step (read page by page) migration. So my question is next: is there any way to display pages from old setup that has not been migrated yet? Also wandering if any tuning to link anchors should be made.

I walk through the docs and did a couple of searches here but did not found any specific response.

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Hi @zvasylvv,

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We are still working on an architecture that may be an initial solution for this use case. We call it “Embedded Mode”. It’s still a feature in development but it’s being used successfully in production with some projects.

Basically it’s a Wordpress plugin that will return HTML generated by Frontity for all routes.

Here you have the code of a Proof-of-concept of this idea.

So, you could take this idea and expand it by adding some more code so you can filter which routes you want to be handled by this embedded mode. The routes that doesn’t match the filters you create will use the default theme you have installed in your WordPress.

Some things to be taken into account with this solution is that internal links handled by Frontity (as they’ll be in a React app) work differently than internal links handled by Wordpress Themes.

One idea to solve this could be with a Frontity processor that could parse links and return:

  • an internal Frontity link if the page is generated via Frontity
  • an absolute URL if the page is generated via Wordpress theme

This logic could be managed by using a list of links/routes that are handled by Frontity

Hope this helps

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hi @juanma!

I understand current state of the feature. unfortunately we need it pretty much right now

thanks for your reply