How to integrate google tag manager analytics

Hello Frontity team,

I installed image
And included into frontity.settings.js

But unfortunately i can’t see it works.
Here the repository:

Do i do something wrong? Can you please check it quickly?

Thank you very much.

Hey @dejangeorgiev

The name of the property should be googleTagManagerAnalytics :slight_smile:

So, your code should be:

    name: "@frontity/google-tag-manager-analytics",
    state: {
        googleTagManagerAnalytics: {
            containerId: 'GTM-NBGPD9N'
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Hey @mmczaplinski :wave:t3:

thank you so much for your help, i fixed this.


I do however get another issue like net::ERR_ABORTED 404


Do you have any idea what could that be?

Many thanks.

Hey @dejangeorgiev !

Are you using an ad blocker by any chance?

hey @mmczaplinski :wave:t3:

Nope. I don’t use any ad blocker.