How to contribute to open source?

Hey guys!

We have created an initial page of how to contribute, coding or not, to open source and Frontity. We still have to check the copies and content, but I feel it could be good to share our insights. Here you have it:

I am pretty sure that there are many other ways, so what do you think about sharing your ideas and keep improving our way to contribute to the project?

We have focused at the beginning in these aspects, but any idea is welcomed :wink:

These webs have been inspiring for me if you want to take a look:

@Reyes We have defined some basic ideas about how to help to spread the word about Frontity at the docs, feel free to comment about it, share ideas, and change anything you want :grin:

The same for you guys @development-team! You can complete how anyone can contribute to the code, designing the framework or anything else :open_book:

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Thanks @SantosGuillamot! Awesome work! :tada: Iโ€™ll take a look at it later and share any ideas I might have.

Looks perfect to me guys :+1:

Hey Mario! I edited a few things and added how people can contribute with a guest post in our blog :slight_smile:

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