How to change the theme in my project?

Hello, I have a project made in frontity, I want to change its theme to a different one, how do I exactly do that? When I change the package name, the project crashes and I get internal server error

Hi Yllik9,
Which theme are you looking to get on? You mean 403page, cause I had the same issue with that one.

Hi @yllik9 & @rinnori.m

Themes in Frontity are as any other Frontity package.

Here you have a guide that explains how to add (and use) a new theme in your Frontity project

Add a new Frontity package or theme to your project

The Local Packages sections is the one that is interesting for themes because it will allow you to modify the code and see the result of those changes in the browser

Hope this helps

Hii @yllik9, I also had a internal error when I changed the name of my theme. The problem was that in the folder “node_modules->@frontity” the shortcut to the old package had not been deleted. Maybe you can solve the issue If you delete the shortcut to the old theme

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