How does frontity handle the Wordpress Control Panel?

Hello everyone, Im new to Frontity and have one big question. We have created a web platform that makes use of the Wordpress control panel to allow user access to our service. How does Frontity handle the Wordpress control panel? Also does Frontity support Wordpress multisite?

Thank you!

Hi @steban

Welcome to the community forum. Great to hear that you’re considering using Frontity for a project.

Frontity cannot support the admin pages. There is no ‘headless’ provision for the admin pages as admin page content is not accessible via the REST-API. Content needs to be managed via the standard WordPress admin pages. That content is then rendered by your Frontity theme instead of a normal WordPress theme, with the benefit of all the advantages that Frontity offers over a standard theme.

Frontity does have support for multisite. Please see:

Hope this helps.