How does Frontity handle permalinks?

I’m opening this thread on behalf of grdivrag, a reddit user that has contacted me there via private message with some questions.

I have one question regarding continuous deployment when hosted on a traditional shared hosting account and when the site is deployed like a static site. How is the generation of permalinks handled, especially when working with custom post types? In Gatsby we have the node-gatsby.js file where the rules for page/permalink generation are defined.

Frontity uses the permalinks you have configured in WordPress. If you want to change the permalinks, you just change them in your WordPress dashboard.

Thanks @luisherranz!

Is important to mention that Frontity doesn’t generate a static site. Instead it generates a JS app with Serverless Pre Rendering (you can read more about it here)

Regarding Custom Post Types, I’ll point to the latest announcement Frontity update: 10 September 2019, as stated there support for custom post types is going to be released really soon.

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