How can I resize images inside posts and pages in Mars Theme?

Is there a way where I can set the size/styling of images in within posts/pages?

I keep changing the img size in the post.js file, but every time I refresh the page, or save the files again, the image goes back to being too large again.

Any suggestions?

Hi @matthewbertweb

Do you have a link to a repo so we can see what you’re trying to do?

Right now I have just been styling any post content within the post.js file, so that’s where I have made my attempts. I did notice that changing the css in figure {} seemed to do the trick, but I didnt know if there was another way to change image settings.

Hi @matthewbertweb

I’ve cloned your repo, but I can’t find any images in the content apart from the featured images. Can you explain in a bit more detail what the problem that you’re experiencing is and the approaches that you’ve already tried to resolve it. Thanks.

Sorry, I forgot to replace images on wordpress.

There are 2 now on the home page in the page content for an example. I am just curious on what the best way is to resize/adjust images within page/post content.

Hi @matthewbertweb

Sorry I took another look but now the homepage seems to be a post listing with just one post and a featured image. I’m still not finding any images in the content. :man_shrugging:

Oops, I ended up messing around with the content. - I added images to the about page for an example. I will leave them up there this time :smile: