How can I add Disqus comments system to a Blog post

I tried to find a tutorial of how to add Disqus comments system to Frontity, But I couldn’t find any clear explanation with the @frontity/disqus-comments package.
I did find an explanation in this post:
But with another package ( disqus-react).
I wonder if there is an explanation of how to use @frontity/disqus-comments?

Hi @jalaleddine.elhabbaz,

There was a @frontity/disqus-comments package in the old Frontity PRO, but it wasn’t migrated it to Frontity Framework.
So, there’s no current @frontity/disqus-comments and the reference to it in the docs should be removed

I have created a issue for rhis:

Now, this package is an open opportunity for any member of the community who wants to develop it.

In the meantime, the explanations provided in this post: t: should be enough to implement disqus in a Frontity project