Homepage source code vs post page (FRONTITY_CONNECT_STATE )

If I fetch say 100 latest posts from default frontity handler, homepage source code is lot longer than postpage source code, mainly because of difference amount of data stored in FRONTITY_CONNECT_STATE in source code for the two pages. This makes sense.

But, if I fetch 5 posts of four different categories using beforeSSR and only 10 posts from default frontity handler then source code for homepage and postpage are almost the same and data stored in FRONTITY_CONNECT_STATE is almost equal. This is not preferable, as source code for postpage holds large amount of unnecessary data. Seems like I am missing something. Any explanation/support would be really helpful.

Conditional statement solved the problem:

 beforeSSR: async ({ state, actions }) => {
        if (state.router.link === "/") {
          await Promise.all(
            Object.values(beforeSSRCategories).map((category) =>