Heroku: npm ERR! Missing script: "start"

I added required line to the package.json as “start”: “frontity serve --port $PORT”,
But I am still getting issues with the deployment of my app on Heroku.

My previous deployment was on vercel but for some reason, I am getting a timeout error.
This Serverless Function has timed out.

Your connection is working correctly.

Vercel is working correctly.


Thanks for the help

Hi! This normally happens because the WordPress server is taking a long time to respond to the Heroku server. First of all, if it happens always on a certain page, I would check if that page is calling a WordPress endpoint that is having and error, infinite loop or something like that.

But in most of cases It can be because a certain endpoint is just slow due to server overload or a complex query and, unfortunately, the free tier of Heroku has short response time before it through the error.

Two solutions to solve this can be:
· Upgrade to a higher Tier in Heroku (it happened the same to me in Vercel and when I upgraded, the problem were solve)
· Cache the results of the WordPress API to reduce the load of the server and serve it faster (WP REST Cache – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org or Simple Cache – Plugin WordPress | WordPress.org España)