Help! Indexing Pages in Embedded Mode

Rail and recovery insights - SilverRail = NOT INDEXED
Rail and recovery insights - SilverRail = INDEXED with the current project structure is it possible to stop indexing?

To stop /content/xxx from indexing, we need to add a no-index meta tag to the page. This can only be done by adding it to the Wordpress page. The issue with that is, because Frontity is set up in embedded mode, the SEO properties added via Wordpress will pull through to the corresponding Frontity page, in this case: Rail and recovery insights - SilverRail This means, if we add the no-index meta tag to to
Rail and recovery insights - SilverRail It will also pick up that same tag on:
Rail and recovery insights - SilverRail

Here’s the documentation on Frontity SEO:

To take advantage of all the SEO benefits you already have in your WordPress (sitemaps, cache plugins, CORS headers, redirections, etc…) the Embedded Mode of Frontity is recommended* What can be added additionally to the FE:

  1. Meta tags
  2. robots.txt

Now this means we should be able to add the no-index meta tag to WP and on the FE reverse the affect by changing the meta tag value, BUT, here’s the thing about having multiple meta tags that do the same.

There is no HTML convention to override meta tags, so the effect of having multiple conflicting meta tags will be interpreted differently by the the different services (browsers, search engines, etc.) using them.

This means, there is no guarantee that the meta tag we add via the FE will override the tag set by WP.In summary:

There is no way with the current project structure to split the SEO properties for pages between WP only and FE only. For as long as Frontity is used in the embedded mode, the page will reflect a 1 to 1 version of the WP page, except for the body HTML and CSS. Everything in the head by default will be exactly the same on the FE as on WP.

The only solution will be to have a decoupled Frontity instance. BUT, that means the entire project structure should update and not only is that by itself a ton of work, it also means the way the data is loaded and read on the FE will need to change as well.When having a decoupled instance, we have full control over the FE and we chooses what and what not to add to the FE.

Is there anyway around this as otherwise an entire website will need to be rebuilt which is not an option?