HEAD TAGS - Internal Server Error

Hi there,
I am trying to get the Head Tags from Yoast into my Setup.
Plugin is installed and activated, I am seeing the Head Tags at /wp-json/wp/v2/posts

  • wp-source is updated to latest
  • frontity.settings.js is updated with package
    @frontity/head-tags”, <-
  • head-tags is found under node_modules/@frontity/

What else am I missing?

Thanks in Advance

Hi @jolle775

We’re aware of this problem. I’ve created an issue here to try to get it resolved.

You can keep track of the issue there and we’ll post updates here once we have them.

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Hi @jolle775

Try following these troubleshooting steps. In particular ensure that you delete the node_modules folders and package-lock.json files from the local package folders as well as from the project root.

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worked like a charm! Thanks