Guide for frontity packages

Hy Guys hope you are doing well me and my team creating frontity based site our site frontend is created on frontity and in our site each and every content can be change from WordPress and it also dynamic which mean if we add/remove new service it will be also updated in fronted/frontity along with its url
here is the link of our upcoming site
So while as a wordpress developer and beginner at react+frontity i was just checking your new updated packages/adticles like @frontity/wp-source , @frontity/components e.t.c
and was unable to understand the use case why should i use them ? whats the benifit? am i using those things in my site because may be my team using anyother method which can be long or not good.
So in short
Can you update about your newly added packages so me as wordpress developer can read and understand the usecase and benifits of that package or article? so i can make sure my team following same method instead of any other long or old method ?

Hi @inshaal

Regarding this, we have created an issue to have a look at it and try to provide a better explanation on this →

Feel free to comment on the issue to add any specific information you missed from the docs so we can take it into account when we work on this.

Besides this, we’re currently working on proper README’s for every package where there’s a proper explanation of each one and where is pointed out the relationship between some of them

Thanks a lot for your feedback

Yeah one thing i couldnt find in docs that how to link an element with custom page( in which data is comming from acf feilds)
when we are linking element and adding custom handlers on opening that link from frontend its opening in same window like default wordpress pages get open so quickly with loading window

Hi @inshaal

To fully understand the use case you’d like to be reflected in the docs, can you please provide a repository or code-sandbox with the project you’re trying to complete?

From that code, it will be easier to point out those parts that have been especially difficult to develop and also those behaviors you’d like to implement but don’t know how.

Thanks in advance