Gravity Forms Plugin + Custom Form, how to capture response and display above form?

Hello everyone!

At the moment, my project has a custom form which posts to Gravity Forms on the back-end of the WordPress install. On form submission, all of the data successfully makes its way to the entries on the WordPress back-end. The response however redirects the page to ‘/wp-json/gf/v2/forms/1/submissions’ with the success message in raw HTML.

I have played around with trying to get this default HTML to show within the page, but no luck. I also can’t seem to find gravity forms in console so I can see what’s going on, but maybe I’m not looking in the right place for that in order to call it properly. I could also be going about this completely wrong.

Thanks for any direction!

**Edit: I didn’t realize it was forwarding to the WordPress install after form submission to show validation. Currently I’m looking for a way to keep this redirect from happening while at the same time, capturing the message and showing it on the Frontity side.

At the same time I’m also testing out the Gravity Forms package. I have a GF form on the contact page which is rendering properly on the Frontity side, but simply typing in the name input fields does not work, yet the regular message box does work. Could this be a bug?

Not all field types are supported (yet) in the GF packages for Frontity (same applies to the CF7 package). So that might be the reason why fields don’t show up, or don’t work properly.

Thanks! The fields not being supported was definitely the problem - made adjustments and works perfectly. Thanks a ton!

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