Google Ad Manager Package - Access control has been blocked by CORS policy

Hi, I have installed google ad manager package that is @frontity/google-ad-manager

and also put this code on frontity.settings.js file

“name”: “@frontity/google-ad-manager”,
“state”: {
“fills”: {
“googleAdManager”: {
“belowHeaderAd”: {
“slot”: “below-header”,
“library”: “googleAdManager.GooglePublisherTag”,
“priority”: 5,
“props”: {
“id”: “div-gpt-below-header”,
“unit”: “/1234/my-ad-unit-code”,
“size”: [320, 50],

But I am getting the error of access control has been blocked by CORS policy

Here is the link to the site -

Here is the screenshot

This CROS origin issue has been solved automatically. But the ads are not showing. Do I need to do anything else?

Now ads are coming. My ad slot was hiding behind the navbar, that’s why ad was not loading. Now it’s working. Thanks

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Hello @santoshdevnath15
I have the same cors issue, how did you fix that?

Hi @jewel

The cross-origin issue is solved automatically within 2 days. I think somehow google just verified the IP of the domain.

the ads are coming here as you can see on the header -

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Thanks for the reply. It’s gone few days but no ads on my site. Stills the same cors issue. Not sure, How to figure that out