Github Dependabot

Hi everyone,

my Frontity project has recently started to get a lot of Github’s Dependabot alerts alerting me to security vulnerabilities in my app.

What should I do?

I have received these in other apps before and have found that by fixing them through Github they will occasionally break the app. I don’t want to do that with a Frontity app as the help to fix it wouldn’t be as readily available on stack overflow if I did.

Has anyone else been in the same situ and what did you do?

I am having similar issues, but can you upload a screenshot of the error code?

Those issues are unfortunately not new. Those packages develop over time so frontity needs to be kept up to date.
As far as I know, there isn’t anyone maintaining it right now. I have it in my list for someone in my team to update everything and make a PR to frontity, but I am not sure when this will be done. I will post an update on the community if I have some news for it.