Frontity WP Source "addFinalSlash"


I am very stuck with “Vercel” account. My patch custom work doesn’t deploy in Vercel account. Because this is in node module folder @frontity\wp-source\src\libraries\route-utils.js there is using one function of “addFinalSlash” I have done some custom fixing with following code:

export const addFinalSlash = (link: string): string =>
link.replace(//?$/, “/”);

export const addFinalSlash = (link: string): string =>
link.indexOf(’.html’) != -1 && link.indexOf(‘blog’) == -1 ? link.replace(’.html/’,’.html’) : link.replace(//?$/, “/”);

If I will not fix this kind of issue then vercel is useless for me can you sort it out soon in our frontity optional setting for trailingSlash or give overwriten method custom addFinalSlash function.

Thank you,