Frontity.state.source does not update when using

Hello everyone!

I am very new to web dev and i’m building a test project with frontity.
My project uses ACF and a pluging called gtranslate to translate content.

I get the main language using state.source.url

https:// mydomain .com/

and for english

https:// mydomain .com/en/

I have the desired outcome in my browser when accessing endpoints

However in the front end, even tho https:// mydomain .com/ do work properly and update when i change content in wordpress
When i change the state source url in the frontity.settings.js file to https:// mydomain .com/en/ i see content that iv written hours ago and it does not update…

I’ve tried clearing cache, disabling cache in network dev tool, deleting build folder and rebuilding yet the state.source does not show the proper content

When using normal fetch() i get the correct data, but my frontity.state.source is not correct however (shows content iv written yesterday 10:37, and it has not moved since)

Proxy {excerpt: {…}, ping_status: 'closed', parent: 0, modified: '2021-12-16T10:37:39', status: 'publish', …}

Maybe it has something to do with proxy, how can i check that / clear proxy cache?
proxy seem to have a “ping status : closed” i have no idea what it means

Any idea what to do?
Is changing the state source url to get the other language the correct approach or am i missing something?


I get the correct data when passing a {force: true param} to the actions.source.fetch()
I would like to understand why that is the case if someone could explain
What am i doing wrong that causes the need of a force param only with the .com/en url?