Frontity site doesn't look like wordpress site. Am I missing something?

I’m using the Awsm F1 starter theme and linked it to my own Wordpress site. It seems like some of the css is working properly, but some isn’t. I feel like it’s probably something simple :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is what is looks like, the second picture it’s supposed to look, the first one is how my frontity site looks.

For code all I did was this:
npx frontity create --theme @awsmin/f1 awsm-project
And then changed the api url to

I want a react app with the typical wordpress WYSIWYG front end experience so the designer can handle that part, should I be making a wordpress plugin instead?

Hi @stiergamesinfo

The WordPress theme is not used in a Frontity site. WordPress is only used as a data source by Frontity. There is therefore no correlation or connection between the WordPress theme and the Frontity theme. You either need to create your Frontity theme to emulate the layout and styling of the WordPress theme, or use an existing theme that does so - for example, the @frontity/twentytwenty-theme is designed to look like WordPress’ Twenty Twenty theme.

If you have created the content in Gutenberg and need to render certain elements in a particular way then you can use the html2react package and processors. See this blog post for an example of how to do this.