Frontity release: TwentyTwenty theme beta

We have released the beta version of Frontity’s TwentyTwenty theme port.

The port was made by the software engineer and designer Segun Adebayo.

You can see a demo at

The package is already available to download in npm:

We still want to add some features before we release the 1.0 version:

  • Try to improve the LightHouse score even more (it’s currently at 92/100/100/95)
  • Add next/previous articles
  • Add pagination
  • Add transitions between pages
  • Add default Gutenberg styles
  • Add infinite scrolling

If you are interested in learning how to create Frontity themes I recommend you to take a look at the TwentyTwenty code. @Segun did an amazing job and this theme is one of the best Frontity themes ever created.

It also includes the first contribution of @Makadia. Thanks and welcome to the community! :open_hands:



Major Changes

Patch Changes


The 1.0 version of the Twenty Twenty theme has been released. :slight_smile: