Frontity published on Vercel, where to put wp install?

I ran through the tutorial for Frontity and am excited to continue to develop with it. I was able to get the first version of my Frontity theme up and running on and connected to my blog on my local computer. I then published it on Vercel under a temporary domain. What is the standard practice for my backend wordpress site? Should I have a second domain name registered with a hosting service (SiteGround etc) with my wp content and point frontity to it, as is done in the tutorial? I assume there is a typical way that the backend wp content is stored and accessed by the Vercel app.

I found this (Connecting to Headless Wordpress - #4 by mburridge) post to answer my question, I believe. Might I suggest this information be included in the tutorial or perhaps as a separate explanation/guide that is linked to at the end of the guide.

Hi @hammondjp11

Welcome to the Frontity community, and congratulations on making it through the tutorial. :tada:

Thanks for your comments. We do in fact provide a link at the end of this page in the tutorial to the deployment pages in our documentation.

However, do feel free to create an issue or PR in the tutorial repo if you feel that more clarification is needed.

To answer your question, your WordPress site could be on a completely separate domain or on a sub-domain of the primary domain that points to your Frontity site. In fact you can even use a site. How you want to set things up is up to you/your budget/your technical knowledge, and the features/limitations of your hosting provider.

For example, some hosting providers will provide both apache/nginx and node hosting, in which case you can have both sites with the same host, whereas others will only provide one or the other, in which case you will need two separate hosting accounts.

Even if you have two separate hosting providers, one for WordPress and one for node, you can still use the sub-domain system by configuring the A or CNAME records for your domain’s DNS.

Hope this helps, and we look forward to seeing what you build with Frontity.


Ah looking through it, you are right. Maybe I’m just a bit overwhelmed by all the stimulus of learning the framework.

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