Frontity + Netlify

I’m just found Frontity and liked so much so far.

But I canot deploy some tests on Netlify.

Searching in the forums, I found this topic, but the last interact was on almost a year ago (and without any solid directions/solutions).

Since Netlify is today one of the most used serverless platform, first of all, I think appropriate a tutorial about how to deploy on Netlify in the official docs, as exists for Vercel and Heroku.

Meanwhile… Anybody here in the forums has accomplished a successful flow to deploy a Frontity project on Netlify?

Hi @tarciozemel ,

You can read more about the difficulties of deploying to Netlify here:


Hi @tarciozemel

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Yes, as @kasper mentions there are some issues w/ Netlify that prevent us to create an official guide yet

You can read the whole conversation in the thread you mention

But as you can read, there are no definitive conclusions yet on how to properly deploy a Frontity project in Netlify

Maybe @luisherranz can add more details here about the status of this.

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There hasn’t been any progress yet. As you can see, there are more people asking for SSR support: Server Side Rendering with Netlify Functions - Support - Netlify Support Forums

In the last message from February they said they are working on it but without a time frame.