Frontity making many calls to Rest API

So I have Frontity up and running and set up to fetch 25 posts. It makes this call but also makes a call for each category and then for each post and each author.

Why would it do this?

This is auto prefetching which is expected if you have autoPrefetch mode set to ‘in-view’ frontity/index.js at dev · frontity/frontity · GitHub

This is what allows instant rendering when clicking on other links. You can disable this behavior if you want frontity/types.ts at eb232b64a5198b321bd26e8cea7b350045ae4984 · frontity/frontity · GitHub

Thank you sooo much. I didn’t see this in the documentation. :confounded:

So I have autoPrefetch set to ‘no’ but mouseover Link component still fetches? Is that correct?