Frontity + Kuberenetes (k8s)


I searched through docs and performed a good amount of debugging, so starting this topic is one of my last choices. I’m a fan of Frontity.

I’m making a Kubernetes (k8s) deployment. It seems that running npx frontity serve behaives differently in docker run vs kubectl run. As I understand, kubectl completes the container process because the main thread completes. Does npx frontity serve spawn a new thread?

The last line in my Dockerfile is CMD ["npx", "--always-spawn=false", "frontity", "serve"]

Thanks for anyone’s input

Turns out I was doing something pretty dumb - I tagged my image as ‘hello-world’ and didn’t set my imagePullPolicy to ‘Never’. This turned into my red herring because the image that was actually being deployed into my k8s cluster was the official hello-world image.