@frontity/head-tags Not getting all tags

Hi frontity team

when I add a mate tag to wp head I can’t find it in frontity site.

please tell me how to make it working.

Also when I move from page to another it doesn’t update the title tag

thank :slight_smile:

Using the head tags from WordPress requires you to install the REST API – Head Tags plugin on your WP dashboard, and the @frontity/head-tags package in your Frontity project.

The head-tags package provides a get api that accepts a link as a parameter


That should return something like this:

    "tag": "title",
    "content": "Hello world! - My Site"
    "tag": "meta",
    "attributes": {
      "name": "robots",
      "content": "max-snippet:-1, max-image-preview:large, max-video-preview:-1"
    "tag": "link",
    "attributes": {
      "rel": "canonical",
      "href": "http://mysite.com/hello-world/"


Thanks @iamuchejude :slight_smile:

I’m doing all of this but it still not getting all the tags

for example I have <title>My site</title> and <meta name="abc" value="asd"/> and many other tags which are not appearing on the frontity site

also I have links to the favicon.

do you know what is happening with me

@modyydom What version of @frontity/wp-source are you working with? The head-tags package requires @frontity/wp-source to be at least version 1.5.0 to function. If you are using anything older than that, kindly update by running npm i @frontity/[email protected] in your terminal.

It’d also be better to update all your package to the latest versions. A guide on how to go about that is available in the documentation via https://docs.frontity.org/guides/keep-frontity-updated.

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@modyydom please let us know if you are not able to solve the issue with @iamuchejude instructions.

when I followed the instruction in the site I got an error about the configuration of babel-loader

so I created a new project and migrated to it and it is working now

THANKS very much guys :slight_smile:

Awesome, I’m glad you solved the problem! :relaxed: