Frontity Framework is looking for maintainers

The Frontity Framework is not under active development anymore. We have shared more details about this decision in this blog post.

This means that pull requests and issues are not being actively reviewed and bugs are not guaranteed to be fixed. There has been some interest from the community in continuing the project so if you are interested in becoming a maintainer and continuing the development of the framework please do let us know in this thread!



Hi Michal, two friends of mine and I want to start using Frontity for our projects and we are thinking about contributing to the project, how could we get started?

Hi @acevedo.bult :wave:

I think the best first step would be to actually use the framework for a project and get a bit more familiar with it!

We don’t have a clear process for nominating new maintainers at this point but in general we’re looking for people who have some familiarity with the codebase as well as an incentive in seeing Frontity continue.

If you are looking to be a contributor rather than a maintainer, I’m afraid nobody is actively working reviewing pull requests right now so it’s a bit difficult to contribute until someone can step forward to take over the maintenance.

I understand, before this I was talking with my friends and we see that there are many things optimized to work with React and WordPress with Frontity and therefore we would like to be maintainers regarding updates with React and how to work, we see this as a great contribution to the projects that are already done with Frontity and for us to be aware of updates and improvements that have in React and WordPress. We will use the framework in a first project and study it in depth to understand more about the code and be able to maintain it over time.

What a big F… you to all the people and companies that built on this framework.

The end of an era…

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Frontity was built on the open-source guarantee:

Open source software guarantees the right to access and modify the source code, and to use, reuse and redistribute the software, all with no royalty or other costs.

That means that all the time and effort we put into it is yours, free of charge, and forever.

If you like the project and want to see it go on, please start contributing yourself, convince your company to contribute or search for sponsorships so others can contribute :slightly_smiling_face:

@orballo has been contributing lately to the framework with important features. I’m still reviewing, merging and releasing features for people willing to contribute:

Finally, if you want to understand why we decided to start working on Gutenberg itself, I invite you to see Pablo’s talk at the last WordCamp Europe to understand our vision, even if you don’t agree with it.


I want to be part of the development and maintenance of this wonderful framework.

The solution that I would sugget to maintain this Framework is as follows:

  1. Lets build a team(members who are ready to contribute)
  2. Having a group on Whatsapp or Slack to discuss about the future updates/fixes

I know that Frontity team will now work with Automatic to build Gutenberg features, but we cant let this Frontity framework die.

This is an Open Source project and if development to this fraemwork is not done then many people will loose trust in Open Source, coz they will think every framework will not be maintained after few time.

Anyone who agrees with me and wants to work on this project then mail me: [email protected]

The problem with Frontity is, it should really just be a custom hook useWordpress() no need for it to be a Framework. That way it would be more successfully and people can integrate WordPress as a backend in any React Framework they want like (next, remix, vite/cra, astro, gatsby).


This doesnt make sense.

There are people who want to use Wordpress as headless CMS. What those people will do?

Wordpress as CMS is feature packed and having Headless CMS allows to use much better use of Wordpress API’s.

I know we can directly setup next, react, gatsby and start with development, but this will be time consuming process.

Advantage of headless CMS is that we get SPA (Single Page Application) which is much faster and you cannot get this functionality with Wordpress as Wordpress is built on PHP.

Any1 interested in starting Frontity development with me then have discussion with me on Google Chat. Email: [email protected]

We can contribute on this project or we can built new framework built on Frontity