@frontity-codenawis theme

Frontity-Codenawis theme is built with :heart: on top of mars-theme with lots of more features added into it :sunglasses:

  1. Sharing Buttons
  2. Category based Posts in Homepage
  3. Comment Section in Single Post Page
  4. Grid System
  5. Search
  6. Categories in Navbar
  7. Tags in post page
  8. Better Pagination
  9. Footer

Let me know if you like it and if I should publish it as an npm package.
Find me as @mymakarim or @codenawis on social media

:zap: Live demo
Source code available in Github. make sure to follow & give me a :star:


This is awesome! Really nice work @mymakarim

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That is very nice of you! Thank u! :pray:

Simple and beautiful at the same time. Awesome!! :clap::smile:

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Good job @mymakarim!

It would be great to have it as an npm package, so people can use it easily!

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That is very nice of you, Thank you!
More and more features are added! and will be.
9. Category Based Posts in Homepage

This is really awesome for blog :slight_smile: Would like to research more on this :slight_smile: installing in my local, thank you


Thank u!
More Features will be added by tomorrow. Would be better to install it then :slight_smile:

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The demo link isn’t working, but I like what I see in the description. I definitely want to add a search component to my site, so ill be pulling from your repo to get started!

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Thank u!
Unfortunately I have deleted the site. Will republish it soon

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