Frontity can be working with Cordova?


I want to know if there any way to create app with Frontity and Cordova. I hope if you reply soon :hugs:


Yeah, sure. I think so. Just do npx frontity build, then npx frontity serve and use the HTML of the homepage ("http://locahost:3000/") for your index.html file.

Thank you for your replay, but how find it. I mean the html if the homepage.

In Chrome, right click at “View Page Source”.

Hey @saad!

I’m really curious about what you are trying to build :blush: I’d love to know how this project evolves, please let us know!

@luisherranz Well, but I don’t think it will work that way. Or maybe I didn’t understand exactly what you mean.

Hi @Pablo !

I’m trying to build app for this website I tried different ways but I find a problem when connecting in WordPress. And I’ll also let you know about it.

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Doesn’t this load your Frontity site?

- /www/
  - index.html
  - /static
    - (all the files from /build/static)

Remember to run npx frontity build prior to copy & pasting your static assets.