Frontity boilerplate & complex animations

Just started using frontity and React, so a bit new to all of this! If I want to use Frontity for several future projects, is their a possibility to create a boilerplate theme I can use for these projects?

Also I did some research on this forurm about converting sass to CSS-in-JS, still need to look deeper in this first. How does it work with more complex animations. So animations on scroll, page reload or user action. Does Frontity has anything for this?



Hi @daanketelaars

Welcome to the community. Great to hear that you’re thinking of using Frontity for your future projects.

A great way to create your own boilerplate theme would be to follow our step-by-step tutorial which guides you through the process of creating your own theme from scratch and adding functionality and features.

For adding animations to your page elements check out this video by Kyle at Web Dev Simplified. In particular see the section on Page Transitions at 10:43 which demonstrates using React Spring with Frontity.

Hope this helps, and do please let us know about the projects you’re building with Frontity. We’d love to feature them in our showcases page.


Thanks @mburridge ! Okay, I followed that tutorial so all of that is setup then for my future projects. Watched the video from Kyle, very nice and easy to implement! Thanks again for the reply and information and will definitely share future projects!

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