Front-end rendering apostrophes and dashes in title as unicode

Hello Everyone!

I am looking to see if anyone else is encountering this issue… After connecting my WordPress website to my Frontity React app, if the title has an apostrophe or a dash I am seeing a unicode representation of that character - such as – for a dash or ’ for an apostrophe.

This issue is only appearing in titles (from what I have seen so far) on both the list of items as well as the individual page itself. The setup I am using is almost identical to the one used in the as I am just getting started. But I am basically wondering if this is an issue with my Frontity setup or with my WordPress setup.

A screenshot of what I am seeing:

Any help is appreciated and I can provide any information or code as needed.


After some searching I found that using the HTML2React package resolved this issue.


Hi @tommywoodhouse02

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Glad to see you were able to solve your issue.

Did you finish the project explained at How did it go?

Hello @juanma!

Yes, I did finish the project there. Actually, it has been the foundation for my personal project that I have been working on :sweat_smile:.

I have been a WordPress theme developer for a while and have only just learned React, so that tutorial provided a great and simple-to-follow transition. Great job!