Forms integration (contact form 7 alternatives)

I am trying to have a forms functionality on Frontity. I tried with no success the contact form 7 from the original npm with no luck, and also tried with a version of it fixing some of the problems at @aamodtgroup/frontity-contact-form-7 still with errors

I know this is not an easy request nowadays, but have someone maybe found an alternative option, Maybe a React solution with some sort of any basic communication with WP?

@harvey my version still works on all my production websites.

@kasper I wrote you in another threah with a similar problem with another plugin you worked on… I am having the similar situation with this plugin also

here is the FE link where I try to run the form and I am getting the error thanks.

Could you make it work?

Someone help me with my contact form please.

HARVEY I have seen your contact form code in the link.

try this:

but for me the submit button its not working. but the contact form appears