Followed Frontity's Tutorial. Worked with Frontity's Test Site, not so much with Locally-installed WP

I’m currently following Frontity’s tutorial, but I’m stuck at this particular part. The “Home” and “More posts” links are working just as described in the tutorial, but not the “About Us” one. Looking at the console log, it was as if Frontity simply ignored the response from /pages route.

I tried changing the source to Frontity’s Test Site while keeping the other part of the code as is, and it actually worked somehow. Here’s the console log.

At this point we can see that the code from the tutorial actually worked with Frontity’s Test Site as the source, but somehow failed when using my Locally-installed WP as source. Any Idea how to proceed from here?

for the record, my Locally-installed WP is a fresh install of WP ver5.7 without any plugin whatsoever.

Hi @shady.assistant,

Welcome to the Frontity Community!!

Can you please publish your WordPress installation so we can check how the project explained in the tutorial behaves with that particular installation.