First try with WPML Wordpress site

Hi, I am a new user of Frontity.
I just try for the first time but my web site is multilingual.
So, I made a fresh install and just set my Wordpress home in the settings.
It seems impossible to have a home page. Other pages in the menu ar displayed but never the home page.
Do you have some tips for me ?
Other Wordpress install with WPML ?
Thanks in advance for your help,

Hey @David_BE, do you have any information about how WPML deals with REST API output?

WPML is just adding a /xx (xx for language code) before all the links. So, I start with a site in french.
I have “/fr” for each page (replaced with a “/en” for all the english translation for example).
I have a sample site to test everything, you can check the output of Wordpress
As french is the default language, it starts with a redirect to
I have tried to declare /fr/ as homepage in frontity.setting.js but it is always a 404 error.

I have searched in another discussion:

That’s ok to have the multi-lingual configuration like this.
Except that the homepage is not found (404).
I don’t understand how to do it.

Hi @David_BE,

We’re doing some research regarding your questions.
Will be back to you ASAP

I think we know of a couple of multilingual projects using Frontity, but I don’t know in detail what approach they used. My guess is that none of them used WPML.

It seems like these two REST API URLs are working:

Do you have more languages apart from french?