First project with Frontity


I am new to Frontity. I know WP very good but node.js and Frontity is what I try to learn now.

I want to build my new website with headless technology so I decided to start with Frontity because it’s dedicated to WP.

I have a shared hosting so I want to build it directly online not on my localhost. So far I have run node.js on my server and using PUTTY app I can see that commands “npm -v” returns 6.14.15 and “node -v” returns 14.17.6

Now I try to install Frontity on my server with command:
npx frontity create my-app

But after few seconds of loading process stops and I got an errors like:

FATAL ERROR: Zone Allocation failed - process out of memory
FATAL ERROR: NewSpace::Rebalance Allocation failed - JavaScript heap out of memory
command not found: frontity

I am stuck here. Please help me what am I doing wrong?

Hi @frontitylover

Check with your hosting provider what the memory allocation is and see if you can get it increased. I would recommend that you do your development locally and upload the finished project to your hosting.