Featured Images are disappearing from blog posts


I’m using the frontity twentytwenty theme, everything works fine but the only problem is that for some reason the featured images or all kind of images from the blog articles are disappearing on mobile. Basically everything works fine on desktop, if you use google device tools and use a phone layout everything works but from the moment you use an actual phone every single image are disappearing.

Furthermore I have no errors showing up, the images are not loading for some reason, check the image bellow to see an example.

A repository with the code of your project: I’m using the twentytwenty repository that I’ve got with npx frontity create. I didn’t modify the theme at all, I just used npx frontity create, I selected the twentytwenty theme and I used npx frontity build on the root folder and I deployed it with npx now to vercel.

I looked for hours on what could be the problem but with no results. Please help me.

A deployed version of your site: https://goldenbox.ro

The URL of your WP REST API: https://fronti.goldenbox.ro/wp-json

EDIT: error is 404, but it’s weird because on desktop works.

Found the answer here: Wordpress + Custom Domain + Vercel

He had the exact problem I had.