Failed to fetch all pages


I’m trying to figure out what are the best practices to fetch pages. At the moment I am fetching everything in beforeSSR but that makes the first load of the website really slow. Here is what I have

actions: {
    theme: {
      beforeSSR: async ({ state, actions }) => {
        await Promise.all([
          await actions.source.fetch("theme-globalgoals-settings"),
          await actions.source.fetch(`/menu/${state.theme.mainMenu}/`),
          await actions.source.fetch(`/menu/${state.theme.shortcutsMenu}/`),
          await actions.source.fetch(`/menu/${state.theme.footerMenu}/`),
          await actions.source.fetch(`/goals/`),
          await actions.source.fetch(`/take-action/`),
          await actions.source.fetch(`/whats-happening/`),
          await actions.source.fetch(`/category/news/`),
          await actions.source.fetch(`/category/campaigns/`),
          await actions.source.fetch(`/resources/`),
          await actions.source.fetch(`/spread-the-word/`),
          await actions.source.fetch(`/languages/`),
          await actions.source.fetch(`/fr/`),
          await actions.source.fetch(`/sv/`),
          await actions.source.fetch(`/es/`),
          await actions.source.fetch(`/zh/`),
          await actions.source.fetch(`/ja/`),
          await actions.source.fetch(`/ru/`),
          await actions.source.fetch(`/`),
          Object.values(resourcesCategories).map(category => actions.source.fetch(`/resources_categories/${category}/`))

If I remove them and navigate between pages, I get the Failed to fetch error on every page.

What is the best way to fetch content?


Hi, is anyone able to help with this?