Es5 Bundle asset size limit

hi guys,
From one day to another, I pushed some minor chages in my code, and it was not deployed on vercel. After investigating the issue, I have found that the es5 bundle file has a size limit, which gives an error on build.

Is there any way I can set the size limit higher? or reduce the file size?
(I have read all the forums and tried everything from reducing image sizes and splitting the code but nothing seemed to work)

thank you,

Hey Kris,

although 100% recommended, this is not required to have the bundle size below. So what you are seeing is just a warning, not an error. If your build is not working, it could be another issue. As for lowering the size, you just need to do code splitting. I personally have never managed to keep it below the suggested size. Most of my projects the bundle is around 700kb. I know its a lot but that the best I could do so far, wihout implementing any extra big brain strategies.

Hope that helps a bit. Let me know if you have some more-specific questions.


hey, thank you. I am having the same issue as in this recently uploaded topic:

I already posted a solution for that. You can see it there