Error when opening URLs that don’t finish with ‘/‘

Hi Everyone,

I have found a possible bug in Frontity. I notice this bug in my project and to know if I was doing it wrong I have reviewed your demos and I have found the same problem.

I am using Mars theme but it also happens in Twenty Twenty

The problem occurs when you use an url that doesn’t finish with “/”

For example in the Frontity demo (

Good UrlTag: Japan - Test Frontity Blog

All information is displayed correctly

Bad urlTag: Japan - Test Frontity Blog

It shows this errors:

  • Image doesn’t load.

  • We have this error in console.

  • In our project we have been able to appreciate that any javascript that has to be executed on the client is not done. No delayed Console.log, useEffect or lazy javascript is working.

Someone else has been able to see if they have the same error or have found some solution or

Thanks in advance! And good job with Frontity, we are loving it :slight_smile:


@David, can you check this to decide if it’s a bug that need to be addressed?

I was able to reproduce the error locally. Taking a look at the issue. :male_detective:

Thanks for reporting it, @alejandro.


It’s a bug! :bug:

I’ve already filled an issue and created a PR to fix it:

We’ll let you know once the bugfix is released. Thanks again for reporting it! :blush:


You’re welcome,

I hope you can solve it without much problem.

Thanks for the feedback

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Hi again :wave:

A new version of @frontity/tiny-router was released yesterday (1.4.1). Give it a try, the error should have been gone.


I just tested it works correctly.
Thank you very much for this quick correction