Error: The Root Directory setting is not supported for @frontity/now


Been running a Vercel monorepo that includes frontity installation in one folder and wp in the other.
I am getting the above error.
Is it true that the now-builder doesn’t support the root directory setting and if so what would it entail to create a PR addressing this?

P.S. could someone (mod) please change my username to b-bot as it is not editable in settings.

Hi @b-bot

I’ve changed your username as requested. I’ve asked a member of our dev team to advise on your Vercel issue. We should be able to get back to you on that shortly.

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If your Frontity project is in a different folder, you can do this:

Also, make sure to configure your subdirectory setting both in Frontity and WordPress:

Let us know if that solves your question.