Empty <title> Yoast Seo

Hi! I faced the problem that Yoast Seo does not fill the tag in head. It exist but just empty. Other yoast features works but title is empty. What can cause it?

I noticed thet on backend it doesn’t even exist. I have no code or plugins which can modify or conflict with Yoast. Title just not exist

Do you have the REST API - Head Tags WordPress plugin installed and activated in WordPress, and the @frontity/head-tags Frontity package installed and configured in your Frontity project? Because that should handle the title, description and other meta tags, independent of the SEO plugin you use.
see: 🔎 SEO - Frontity Docs

Alternatively you can use the @frontity/yoast package, which is specifically build for the Yoast plugin.

How do you mean? The title isn’t set at all, even when going directly to the WordPress URL?
Because in that case you most likely have a theme/plugin which breaks something, or use settings in the Yoast plugin which prevents it from showing a correct title.