Elementor Plugin Support with Frontity

Is there any way to support Elementor plugin in frontity?

I have more then 10+ website in Elementor and i am planning to move in frontity one by one

I have tried marsh and some of starter theme it looks good with blog content - i will share link soon

But it’s not supporting style of Elementor … is there any way it will support Elementor

Elementor Plugin - https://wordpress.org/plugins/elementor/
Example theme - https://wordpress.org/themes/hello-elementor/

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Hi @popat.jitendra

Pages built with page builders like Elementor , Page Builder by SiteOrigin , CoBlocks and the likes can be fetched into Frontity apps. However, like we do with Gutenberg in frontity.org, you’d need to import the builder’s styles into the Frontity application.
In frontity.org, we saved the Gutenberg styles in a folders, imported it and included it with the <Global /> component in Frontity.

To use the page builders styles in Frontity, you’d have to copy the css files from the plugin directory into your Frontity project. In the case of Elementor, the styles can be found in wp-content/plugins/elementor/assets/css folder.

Hope this helps

Thanks @juanma I will try same and get back to you if any issue.

Is there any document where i can check how to include new css in our frontity ?


If anyone has more information and experience using Elementor with Frontily, it would really be appreciated :smiley:

It would be great to be able to design or update pages with Elementor and use the design in React.

Or can we implement something like this into Frontity?

as creating its own Frontity Builder??

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Here are also plenty of useful information:

Do Elementor blocks need JavaScript/jQuery or only CSS?

Hi, I’ll ask our developer to connect with you… perhaps we together can figure out a way to use Elementor or create our own standalone page builder product for Frontity :smiley:


Thanks for quick response :slight_smile: yeh wish we can develop something similar or good editor with frontity compatibility :slight_smile: Good luck to Team … I am learning too Thanks

yes it uses jquery for some dynamic styled sections

Then I guess you would have to replicate those in React.

Elementor in addition to the native css files, also creates css files dynamically for each page built with it. So the job of importing these files into Frontity will be a little complicated.