Does Frontity handle WP Auth?

Hey all,

I’d like to build something akin to a classified ads site, the idea to use wordpress would be to pair with woocommerce and the subscription & membership plugins.

Frontity looks really cool, but I haven´t really seen anything on Auth handling, which would be a must for my project as people would ideally be buying ads.


Hi @juliomaradiaga1120

Can you provide a specific use case you need the require Auth for a request in a Frontity project?

Here you have some threads that may help you with this:

Well in my case just web apps in general, where each user has a account and potentially buys services that have to be tied to that account.

I would also love to have authentication and not only Email/Password, how about OAUTH with google, facebook and so on… this is a must have on every modern website, any chance we will see something in that direction?

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Hi @zelamedia,

besides the resources related to implement basic authorization provided above, here you have a Feature Discussion about adding a very easy way of adding custom headers in the requests done from Frontity

This FD may help a lot to Frontity developers to implement any kind of Auth strategies.

Feel free to join the conversation and add your feedback about this feature.

Just an additional piece of info: The feature linked by @juanma (Support for custom headers in source packages) is currently being worked on and will enable users to use e.g. Basic Auth to authenticate with the WordPress API.