Do you have a nicely designed Ecommrce example of this?

I am a noob in this,
and i wanted to know if you have an example ecommerce theme of a reactjs script built with frontity since wordpress in mainly known for its ecommerce shops???


Hi @edinhohazard10chelse! :wave: Welcome!

We don’t have any ecommerce examples yet. We plan to add a source to work with WooCommerce sites but don’t know yet when we’ll be able to implement this feature since we are still working on other core features. If people start requesting WooCommerce support, we’ll push it up in our roadmap.

In any case, Frontity is open source, so if you or any other member of the community wants to work on an integration for WooCommerce, we will be happy to give instructions on how to proceed and help. :slight_smile:


Woocommerce sería una excelente extensión para Frontity Existe un plugin para manejar el carro de compras Qué opinan?


Hola @vscopise! Muchas gracias por la información. Yo particularmente no lo conocía, tiene buena pinta. Le echaremos un ojo cuando pensemos en la mejor solución para WooCommerce. Gracias de nuevo :relaxed: