Do I need to create my own theme or can I edit Mars theme

Hi, once again I’m new to Frontity and more than likely nobody will reply to this post as it’s seems every post I written has been ignored by the community. Any way, I’ll try in vain…

So I want to build my own front end. Do I need to create my own theme based on the Mars starter theme? According to the tutorial I do. But this is also confusing. Would I also be able to just customise the Mars theme to look and function like how I want my own to? This isn’t so clear to a newbie.

I’ve been through the create your own theme tutorial and I end up with a lot of files that appear to be structured differently to the Mars Theme files. The index.js file in Mars theme looks a lot different to the index.js file I finish with in the tutorial.

Can anyone help me with this?


hi @mckenna.niall

You can edit the Mars theme as per your requirements. But if you want to create a good looking front end, then in that case you use Chakra UI