Developing my new personal website using Frontity

Hi all,

I just thought I’d follow up on the progress for my personal website after posting on the Introduce Yourself a while back.

I’m excited to update you guys that I have the first iteration live:

A little bit about the project: I wanted to learn as much as possible in terms of React and Frontity, so I started with the tutorials on building your own theme and pretty much carried on from there.

I love how easy it was to connect to WP from the install, and how geared it is towards performance.

I used some of the main features of Frontity, including actions, which I experimented with for the sticky header.

I didn’t quite get round to preprocessors for this iteration, but I’m very interested in building some of the existing page content into actual components.

Overall I think the development experience using the framework is really strong.

It’s very exciting for the community to be using React with WordPress in this way.

Here’s the link to the repo if people are interested:

Thanks again for making the project Open Source.

Any feedback just let me know.

Kind Regards,



Hey @peter.aiello thank you very much for sharing your project with the community!

Great to read such a positive feedback, can’t wait to see what you build next :blush:

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Hi @peter.aiello!

Thanks for sharing. Your site looks great! I love its branding and design, very appealing. :slight_smile:

Very happy to read on Twitter that Michael’s workshop helped you get started too. We’re planning to host similar workshops in future events. Is there anything from that video that you particularly found more challenging to follow? Any feedback that you’d like to share is more than welcome. Thanks again!

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Hi @Reyes. Thank you so much for your kind words about the design and brand :blush: . Really appreciate it!

My thoughts - the tutorial is a great introduction for people who want to dip their toe into Frontity and Michael does a fantastic job of explaining its features very clearly.

I think the video is an incredibly useful starting point for anyone looking to explore more on what it’s like to use Frontity with a project, as by the end of the three hours you have a functioning blog with routing and conditional styles. These features were a big part of the reason as to why I chose the framework and are communicated very well.

There’s something refreshing about seeing a live demonstration of a framework. This way, you get a better sense of the problems you might encounter and how to solve them. For example, it was really helpful to see how easy it is to connect to WP. This was also another bit of a deciding factor.

Mostly I prefer to work with documentation, but I found the shorter videos could also be helpful. For example, at one point I had an issue with the Contact Form 7 package and watching this his video and seeing the working setup helped solve the compatibility issue I was experiencing.

In terms of what I found challenging from the introductory video it might have been understanding the actions feature of Frontity. I didn’t necessarily have difficulty following along, nor is this in any way a criticism of the explanation. It’s more that I have experience with similar things using Vue. The same is perhaps true for the transition from SASS to CSS in JS.

Hope that helps and looking forward to anything future events :slightly_smiling_face:
Kind Regards,



Awesome work mate, thanks for sharing!

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Thanks buddy!

Many thanks for the feedback @peter.aiello. I’m glad that you also found the Frontity Talks videos useful.

@mburridge @juanma I think this is interesting for you to check out as well. :slight_smile:

Congrats for your project @peter.aiello. It looks great :+1:

We take note of this to try to improve the docs and resources to learn. Thanks for your feedback!

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Thank you! I’m glad that helps. A lot of really nice projects happening with Frontity :+1:.