Deploy to a Hostgator shared hosting without nodejs

Consider that, when you run a build with Create React App, it creates all the chunk files along with a index.html that loads them through script tag. This allows developer to deploy anywhere basically.

I really would like to do this same thing with Frontity, since my intention is to upload my app to a Hostgator shared hosting (this guys don’t have nodejs on that plan). How can I do this?

Hi @danielfranco9132

Unfortunately you won’t be able to deploy Frontity to Hostgator shared hosting since they don’t support Node JS and Frontity requires a node server in order to work.

The reason that a node server is required is that Frontity dynamically creates the Server Side Rendered version of your app. This is the best approach to follow in order to ensure that SEO is maintained when using React in the front end.

If you wish to continue using your hostgator account then you can use it to host your WordPress instance and then deploy the Frontity app elsewhere, for example to Vercel (we have instructions for deploying Frontity to Vercel in our documentation).

You will need to point your primary domain to the Frontity app, and move your WordPress instance to a different domain. This is what we refer to as ‘decoupled mode’.

We are currently working on a WordPress plugin that will allow you to keep your WordPress instance on your primary domain. We refer to this as ‘embedded mode’. The plugin is not available yet but if you are interested in following progress then please refer to this thread.

I hope the above helps.